Welcome to “100 years walking”, a blog about three types of journey.

The first involves walking. I have been taking part in walking challenges with my friend Caralyn since 2000. In 2014, when I got the urge to start this blog, our combined age was 100 and we were preparing to walk 100k from London to Brighton, so “100 years walking” was born. In 2015 we went even further with three 100k events, all documented here, while 2016 brought the Paris Marathon and Race to the King.

The second is the journey towards physical and mental health. My interest is partly professional (I’m a clinical psychologist), but also personal. In 2014 I was diagnosed with coeliac disease and this was quite a challenge at first. From time to time I’ve written posts about the change to a gluten-free life.

The third journey is, perhaps, more spiritual: the journey towards fully appreciating my surroundings and learning to be content.  For many years, my appreciation of England was marred by having spent time living in Africa. The English countryside seemed pale and insipid in comparison and I could not see beauty anywhere. In time though, I learned to look with different eyes. I enjoy trying to capture this beauty and sharing it, both in words and in pictures.

If you have questions or thoughts on any of these subjects, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.


Me (left) with Caralyn

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sally – Love the blog. You are an amazing and inspirational person, Im so lucky to have you opposite me!

  2. Hello Sally and Caralyn, Pete here from Race to the King. Just read your blog and was very impressed. Great photos and Shakespeare quotes, so relevant and very much appreciated. Many were new quotes to me so we’ve all benefited. Some good research there!! I have never been included in a blog before and I must thank you for being so diplomatic. I also really enjoyed those first 8 miles and our discussions, things never reached the same intellectual and amusing high for the rest of the day. So thank you for your company. I was interested to read your account of the day. It must have been so frustrating not making those last 10 miles. That flooded path was not expected and in the dark would have been much worse. The mud was an issue and again always worse in the dark. So actually the last quarter of the walk was, I think the hardest, from many points of view. I am in no way being condescending here but I think you did really well. You got my walk off to a great start and those first couple of hours flew past.

    If I just let you know how i got on. After leaving you at stop 1 things went well and I walked solo to stop 2. I thought stop 2 was the best one. After that i caught up with a lad named Tim and we were setting a similar pace, although news that he was taking parts in triatholons phased me to begin with. Anyway we continued through the heavy showers. The heaviest saw us in the half way stop. What kind of school,was that?? I liked your reference to it “roof and all…..”. Not good having to wait for your food to be cooked. I wasn’t too impressed with the food at that stop. Didn’t have pasta and wasn’t much else. Still I avoided the carrot cake.

    Left the school at about 5 ish I think. All went well good stop on Butser Hill. Began hearing Welsh score at this point. After this i lost touch with Tim as I found myself unable to stop going down the muddy hillside!! Onto Old Winchester Hill to discover Wales had won!! Continued on my own with lovely views and Winchester in the distance. Still on my own at this point but enjoying it. A couple more stops with coffee and ……. I then spent time walking and can you believe talking!! with Claire and Tom, although Shakespeare was never mentioned. They were actually running some of it so they eventually took off and left me to finish on my own. I arrived at the cathedral at 11:45 which gave me a time of 15:16.

    It was a great day but I must reiterate that the start with yourself and Caralyn was the highlight and gave me a boost for the rest of the day so thank you for that. That is not as sycophantic as it may sound!! I hope that you are now both fully recovered and that Caralyn’s niggles are a distant memory. Good luck for your next challenge ( as I am sure you are planning one). Having found your blog I will read more of your adventures.

    All the best and as Henry V once said “Once more unto the breach dear friends once more…….. ”

    Pete (the Welsh Brummie)

    • Hi Pete – absolutely lovely to hear from you. I’m so glad you found the blog. I spent ages researching those Shakespeare quotations and it was so absorbing – I loved it. Anyway, it was great to hear about your version of the walk – we had wondered how you’d got on. Well done – phenomenal! I thought of you with the Wales football result too – must be a fantastic time 🙂 Both Caralyn and I really enjoyed that first part of the walk – we were so glad to have met you again. No more events planned for this year but there will be more walking and more blogging in time. Caralyn’s knee is slowly on the mend so I’m sure we’ll make some plans soon. All the best, Sally

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