Preparing for a stroll along the river

On Saturday, Caralyn and I will be tackling the third (and final) 100k event of the year. We will be following the Thames path, from Putney to Henley. Caralyn and her brother did this walk last year in an impressively fast time: 17 hours 54 mins. I suspect I will slow her down so it won’t be quite as fast this year. It would be great to do it in less than 20 hours (not least because the earlier we finish, the more sleep we get) but to be honest, I’m really just looking forward to seeing new sights, having a good catch-up with Caralyn and enjoying the general ambience of another crazy event.

It will be flat all the way and therefore should be easier than Race to the Stones. However, we’ve found that walking on the flat for long periods of time is really tiring as the same muscles are being used all the time, so it could be painful. I’m hoping that this time there will be no mishaps: no fainting, no nights in hospital and no sprained ankles. We will have torches so we shouldn’t end up tripping and falling into the Thames overnight!

I’ll write again soon with news of how we get on.


2 thoughts on “Preparing for a stroll along the river

    • Thank you! I will write about it soon – it was a good walk and I HAVE been left happy – but my feet are a bit wrecked – hopefully just temporarily! Also – I wanted to let you know that I listened to Australian Magpies singing on Youtube – amazing! So different from ours – thanks for alerting me to that.

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