Walking out of the back door

I’ve now been in Mozambique for three weeks. I have barely walked anywhere, as life is largely lived within the large children’s centre where we are based.

Fortunately, I don’t need to travel far to see nature. In fact, I just need to walk to the back door and out onto the verandah. From there, I have a good view of our garden, particularly a couple of trees and a fence, which provide a good backdrop for all sorts of garden visitors. Meanwhile, these three weeks have seen the season change from Winter to Spring. Bare branches are becoming greener by the day and flowers are beginning to open.

Here are just a few of the beautiful things I’ve seen while sitting drinking cups of tea. The sunbirds and barbet were too quick for me but I hope they’ll be back. (You can see what they look like here though: scarlet chested sunbirdΒ and black collared barbet.)




DSC_0013 (2)




DSC_0010 (2)

Finally, here is (I think) a brown hooded kingfisher on a distant tree. I hear him most mornings but I’ve only seen him once. As you can imagine, given my fascination with kingfishers, I have set myself the challenge of getting a closer shot.




12 thoughts on “Walking out of the back door

  1. Wonderful post Sally.
    One of the memories that awakened me was the Beautiful colours of things, that lovely purple flower (what is it called?) and the gorgeous coloured birds – distinctly remembered seeing a blue coloured larger bird which was covered in spots!!
    Lovely xx
    Be blessed x

    • I think you are remembering the jacaranda trees! They are not out yet but I am looking forward to that. As for the bird, I wonder if it was an African starling…I’ve never seen one here but will keep my eyes open! (We will see them when we return to Kruger, though not sure when that will be) x

  2. Thank you, Sally! How odd to think Spring is on it’s way, when Autumn arrived early this year. Lovely to see your photos. We’re in Crete, last week of a three week stay. The weather has been good, just one wet day and some cloudy ones. Spending the time with Dave walking, swimming, reading in beautiful surroundings has been a tonic. Trying to quash negative thoughts about going back to UK! Hello to Paul,


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  3. Good to read your news and see lovely flowers. I had a huge bourganvillia just that colour in the garden in Guinea! Enjoy the Spring x

    • Thanks Sarah – I feel very ignorant about the flowers but hope to learn more as time goes on. Mind you, I’m not sure about the birds either as we had to leave our bird book at home for the time being (too heavy). THe internet helps a bit! x

  4. Amazing ,that you have such beautiful flora and fauna on your doorstep ,that you don’t have to go to the zoo or an exotic pet shop to see these creatures. Love your post Ann

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