Happy Christmas!

Earlier this week I found myself wondering if it was time to end the blog. I wasn’t feeling inspired and  it had been ages since I’d posted anything. Then I realised that my lack of inspiration was due to a number of factors all beginning with W. Work has been relentlessly busy, leaving me with no time to think about anything other than patients and how to keep our service afloat. Meanwhile, the Winter Weather has been Wet, Windy, Wild and Wearying. The skies have been grey, light levels have been low and towpaths have been muddy. I’ve hardly ventured out for any walks and when I have, it’s been on boring pavements through boring streets.

This gloomy weather must change soon – and inspiration will return. So I’ve decided that the blog can live on for a while longer. After all, Caralyn and I have two challenges in mind for next year, starting with the Paris Marathon in April, and maybe someone, somewhere, will enjoy reading about them.

For now I will leave you with this photo of a cold, crisp sunrise, taken four years ago today.  I hope there will be more mornings like this soon.

Happy Christmas to all blog readers and very best wishes for 2016!


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