One week to go!

In one week’s time I will be reclining on a deckchair on Brighton beach, glass of wine in one hand and bag of salt-and-vinegared-chips in the other. Well, that’s the plan. I will certainly be in Brighton as the hotel is booked and waiting for me. The issue of how I get to Brighton is less clear. As you know, I am aiming to walk there – but at times I’ve been wondering if I will end up doing some of the journey by car.

My feet have been in a sorry state for the past 5 weeks. Bruised toenails, aching toe joints, sore soles – all problems I’ve encountered for the first time, and all attributable to wearing shoes that were too big. Thanks to the great help I’ve had from Judith at the Hemel Betafeet clinic, I feel there’s at least a chance I’ll be able to do the whole distance – but then again, I haven’t done any exercise for 5 weeks and that’s certainly NOT recommended in the official London to Brighton training guide.

Well whether I do 1k, 10k or 100k, I will let you know all about it once it’s over. For now, I will treat you to the delightful sight of my feet, covered in Rock tape and plasters. I wonder what they will look like next Sunday?


4 thoughts on “One week to go!

  1. Its only about a year ago I was in England, taking buses from London to Brighton and back in the day. At that time it would never have occurred to me to walk – but walking it will be possible. With your sore toes simply go more gently (and slowly), take more hours if necessary, and enjoy the process if you can. My feet always hurt when I walk and towards the end of a walk I contemplate kneeling for the rest of the way. Instead I get slower and slower, and give 100% concentration to putting my foot down for each next step. So I know you can do it, will do it, and will soon be writing about the achievement. Best wishes.

  2. Thank you so much! That’s great advice – go more slowly and enjoy it … I know there will be lots to see and experience and there is something quite exciting about walking overnight (even if it is through mud, as it was last year). I will give it my best shot!

    • Hello dear Tasmanian Traveller! Yes, there are stories to tell – it’s a question of knowing where to start…In short I DID get to Brighton but sadly not all of the journey was on foot. I will post a little update shortly and then I believe that Caralyn is going to write a guest post describing our adventures!

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