One of my favourite places…

I have been back in England for two weeks and I keep putting off writing a blog post about Africa. I think it’s because I don’t know where to start. So many experiences, sights and sounds. So many times of connecting with old friends. How to condense all that into one post?

So, for now, here are some pictures from my time in the children’s centre in Maputo.  I will write about the Kruger Park soon. First, here is the preschool:

Moz 2015 120

A boy messing around by the basketball court (maybe he was actually working but I don’t think there was anything in that barrow!)

Moz 2015 104

The little boy on the right came in to the centre when we lived there. He was three years old, very malnourished and could not walk. He would not communicate, except to ask for food, and he would not make eye contact. After 11 days of one to one love and care, he started walking – and then his transformation was rapid.

Moz 2015 111

This was how he looked when he arrived, in 2006:


This next picture wasn’t actually at the children’s centre – it was some kids I saw playing at the side of the road, in the city.

Moz 2015 448

This little girl came to the centre as a very malnourished baby – 5 weeks old but weighing just a few kgs. Now she lives with one of my friends, who works at the centre. She is doing so well!

Moz 2015 017

How she looked when she arrived, in 2006:


The following photos are all of various children in the playground, in the Baby House, setting off for pre-school and playing football…

Moz 2015 052 Moz 2015 038 Moz 2015 051 Moz 2015 467 - Copy Moz 2015 067Moz 2015 103 Moz 2015 025

There is a story to be told about all of the children. I wish I could share more of them here. For example, I haven’t included photos of the many boys who were in our dorm and who are now independent young men, working in good jobs. Suffice to say that over the past twenty years, hundreds of children have been given hope and a future because of this centre and all the love, care and education they received there. I’m so glad to have been able to take part in just a fraction of this – and to witness the results over time.

Moz 2015 044

6 thoughts on “One of my favourite places…

    • They are! And if you’d seen how some of them looked when they arrived there, you would be horrified. The girl in the red skirt, for example, came in as an extremely malnourished baby when we lived there – just skin and bones. 2 photos higher (3 boys against an orange wall), the boy on the far right came in as an emaciated 3 year old who could not walk and would not communicate. They are so transformed!

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