Moonwalk Day

It’s Moonwalk day! At 11pm Caralyn and I will be setting off on a marathon through the streets of London. Because this is all part of our London to Brighton training, we’re planning to walk even more miles at the end, but we’ll see how we feel at the time. The marathon part should take around 6 hours, though if the current wind and rain persist, it could be longer than that. I’m feeling as prepared as I could be. I managed to get 9 hours sleep last night, in readiness for none at all tonight. I’ve eaten good nutritious stuff: cereal for breakfast, poached eggs on toast for lunch followed by a banana, strawberry and spinach smoothie. More snacks will be had en route to Euston, where I’m meeting Caralyn and we’ll then make our way to the big pink tent on Clapham Common. Here, we’ll join 17,000 others, all dressed in decorated bras. From the experience of 4 previous marathons with Walk the Walk, it will be an amazing sight: a sea of pink and sparkles, cleavages of all sizes, feather boas, flowers, fairy lights, flags, sequins, pom-poms, ribbons, fur, velvet and tutus. Those Londoners with a penchant for all things camp will be spoiled for choice tonight: stay at home and watch Eurovision, or come outside and see the ocean of pink spill out over the streets. If you’re wondering what we’ll be wearing, I don’t actually know yet. Caralyn is bringing the bras with her. She is the creative half of our duo and has designed the bras for our last few events. Here we are just before the Moonwalk in 2008, wearing the symbols for “I love Moon walk”:

Moonwalk 2008

Five years later, for the 2013 New York marathon our bras had the city skyline in black sequins against a white background.


But back to tonight… As the evening goes on, there will be the ritual of writing our names on our chests with marker pen, stretching every muscle we can think of, endless re-checking of the bum-bags (did we pack ibuprofen? tissues? energy gels?), stowing our bags and last of all, trying to time the perfect final loo break. If we leave it too late we won’t get a good starting position. If we go too early, we’ll risk needing to go again. Then, at last, the countdown will begin and we’ll be off.

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